Krav Maga

“Because I believe that teaching self-defense and survival is not a game and should be taken seriously, I am committed to provide you a level of experience and unique expertise in order to learn how to protect yourself and protect your family.”

Learn to defend yourself

Regarding civilians, the unique OIS Krav Maga training method allows anyone to have the physical and psychological tools to defend themselves. The OIS courses allow to acquire in short time, besides the technics, self confidence and realism dealing with situations of life that goes beyond self-defense.

Regarding professionals, Adrien SIWIEC will develop a custom program for your specific demand. Whether you are merchants, police force, bodyguard, etc., your training will focus on specific topics: learning combat, handle hostage taking, defend a VIP or operational shooting.


No matter how long you train, what matters is how much you get out of it!


There is no compromise on the efficacy and effectiveness of Krav Maga OIS: Our guideline is to be 'EMETH' ('true' in Hebrew).

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